About Natasha

Natasha is an International Speaker, Therapist, Author and Comedian. Natasha integrates her dynamic, energetic style, natural story-telling ability, and comedic talent into all of her keynotes and workshops whether virtual or in person. Her passion for building resilience led to her creating the Resilience P.A.C.T. a tool that gives individuals a formula for resilience. She helps people move past fear by teaching them how to ‘unmask’ it, by uncovering the different ways fear presents itself in our lives. After a 20+ year career in various healthcare settings, Natasha supports healthcare workers’ resilience through addressing burnout. 

Natasha loves to unfold the occurrences of the human condition in her podcast aptly called The Human Experience. In addition to speaking, Natasha promotes resilience and walks with others on their healing journey through her private counselling practice. Natasha brings over 20 years of experience as a mental health professional to her private practice.

But wait there’s more! Natasha also takes to the stage to offer her comedic stylings. Natasha sees humour as another way to promote resilience to all those she encounters.

Among the most memorable feedback, Natasha’s talks have been described as a “prescription” to people’s struggles.

As noted, Natasha is a therapist. For more information please visit www.emergingresilient.ca.

Speaking topics

Learn how the things we experience create messages in our minds. These messages impact our mindset and consequently our ability to be resilient. 

Learn to identify the physical and emotional signs of burnout. Identify the strategies to address burnout and implement in their daily activities to reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout. 

What does it take to be resilient? There are some key ingredients to living a resilient life. Learn what these ingredients are and how to curate your resilience recipe to live life in line with your values and dreams.

Unmasking fear involves learning that in order to move past fear, we must first recognize the many ways fear is present in our lives. Learn to uncover the many ways fear disguises itself and limits how we live our lives to develop target strategies to move past fear.

  • Mental Health
  • Anti-Black Racism